Website Love

Creating a website is a great accomplishment, and often the start of lucrative businesses or exciting opportunities.

However, the work isn’t finished once the website is completed.

Website maintenance is important to be sure your visitors are getting the very best information, that maneuvering through the website is easy, and that you’re converting more visitors into customers.



Consisting of but not limited to:

Website functions

  • Fix broken links
  • Check page load speeds
  • Update WordPress itself, plugins, and the theme.
  • User Interactivity performance

Security reports

  • Typically, this means properly setting up the security plugin and sending monthly security reports.

Backups -Weekly

  • A client may accidentally delete a page, or the website could get hacked.
  • Having regular backups will give  peace of mind.

Analytics reports

  • Send monthly reports to your clients, highlighting the most important metrics on the website.


Consisting of but not limited to:

Website aesthetics

  • Images and content
  • Page alignment
  • Videos performance
  • Alerts


  • Appearance and interaction

Email Sign-ups

  • Appearance and interaction


  • Check on Desktop display
  • Check Tablet display
  • Check mobile display

Device systems

  • IOS
  • Android